About EV Siphon

EV Siphon is a marketplace for Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) equipment. This is a source for EV enthusiasts to access equipment for anyone else that is obsessed with using EVs as mobile power sources.   


About Me

Russell Vare has focused his career on Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Vehicle to Home (V2H) and using electric vehicle batteries for second-life energy storage. At Nissan, he led the first V2G project for the company globally. He was able to power the first concert (that he's aware of) with a Vehicle to Load (V2L) setup. He then moved to Mercedes-Benz to pursue battery second life and energy storage until it was shut down. Today, he works at Nuvve, a V2G aggregator, and advises startups, including Rejoule Energy, that is creating diagnostic solutions for EV batteries.